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    SZ type biaxial mixer
    product information:

    a, uses and characteristics

    & nbsp; This series products are mainly used in thermal power plants and other industries to make an ash hopper ash silo unloading and transporting water wet powder materials with stirring. The product with two spiral blade axis Stir powdered materials for transportation and humidity control valve can be manually adjusted to achieve the requirements for delivery. The series is also suitable for humidification chemical, mining and other industries solid particulate material mixing and delivery.

    & nbsp; compact structure, good sealing, and is set in the inlet block gray board, to prevent the mist playing;

    & nbsp; stir, stir fan-shaped leaf, stirring a large area of contact with the media;

    & nbsp; multi-row nozzle set, and can adjust the amount of water evenly;

    & nbsp; low residual ash, box at the bottom of the watershed in the device settings to ensure that no dead ends.

    Second, the main technical parameters


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